Alkar High Temperature Oven Installation

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Bar-S in Seminole, Oklahoma has a new demand to keep up with, hotdog sales have tripled since the start of the pandemic. Hotdogs are a cheap and filling meal for all families all over the world. It is a changing world and Bar-S is set to keep up. The hot dogs produced in the plant are mainly shipped to Mexico and Walmart stores across the nation. Walmart is the biggest American company to sell Bar-S hot dogs and lunch meats.

T&T Industrial has installed a new Alkar High Temperature oven in Seminole, Oklahoma and Bar-S began production with this new addition on September 1st, 2022. With the predicted demand being a minimum of twenty million hot dogs per year, it only made sense to install the new oven. The Alkar High Temperature oven is a customized High Performance Air Handling System. It is designed for any carrier and uses steam, direct gas, indirect gas, or electric heat as well as natural and liquid smoke, making this oven a perfect addition to Bar-S’s production facility.

The Alkar oven is made of stainless steel as it is the primary source of metal used in the food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries. The metal is easy to clean and sanitize, it is not an optimal breeding ground for harmful bacteria to fester. Stainless steel lasts longer than any other metal due to its non-corrosive ability. The Alkar High Temperature oven’s moving front air handling system with a single blower fan and rotating dampers, ensures proper uniformity of all food cooked within.

T&T Industrial is a Heavy Mechanical Contractor from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and was the leading company in part of the Alkar oven’s installation. T&T Industrial has performed all the pipefitting for the air, steam, gas, and water lines as well as all custom fabrication support. T&T Industrial’s lead designer custom designed a drawbridge, platforms, hotdog peeling tables, pans, and custom carts; the T&T Industrial fabricators built and installed all these custom pieces. The Alkar oven has seven rooms for the oven and oven support, T&T Industrial has created, built, and installed workpieces in all rooms.

This job began without proper drawings and the project was behind schedule when it was given to T&T Industrial, the job was supposed to be done in 6 weeks and the T&T team produced proper drawings and brought the entire job up to speed even finishing it within 4 weeks. T&T Industrial led the way on this project even helping other contractors finish up their jobs.

The oven will increase production in the Bar S, Seminole Plant and allow the company to meet the demand of their loyal customers.

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